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The ads kill the otherwise simple idea, defeats its whole purpose.

Ad pop up

Good but the ads that take you back to the ap store for no reason are super dangerous

Invasion of privacy!

Screen covered by adds! Privacy choices only either "Always" or "Never", missing - "Only while using app" just another "Spy on my location" app

Whooo Hoooo!!!!

This is the best one I ever had!!!


You guys got greedy with your ads. I cant use the app for more than a minute without being redirected to the App Store. I was a day away from buying the full app because it was working good by now its letting me down. You guys are shit

Stupid ads

This app works great... However, due to the ads and their desire to open whilst Im driving, this app has become completely useless.


It opens an app for download every 5 seconds in the App Store. This is junk, find another download

Pop up ads RUINED this great app.!

Sadly, I deleted this APP today, as the pop up ads are ridiculous. After 1 minute the ads pop up 5-20 seconds of xing them out! Many would be glad to pay for a no ad version!

Great app, the ads ruin it

The app is the best speedometer Ive used on the App Store, but the ads constantly switch over to the App Store in the middle of using it. I understand paying to get rid of ads, but theres no reason to possibly risk my safety and my record because I keep losing my speed (I need the app due to a broken dashboard). Im switching to another app because of this issue.

Unsafe, constant ads

This app is terrible. It closes and opens the app store every 30 seconds. Completely unusable and the dev should be ashamed for releasing this. Unsafe to the point that I think Apple should pull it.

Ads are awful.

This app used to be excellent. The speedometer in my vehicle started acting up so I downloaded this app to use whenever it was t working. At first it worked great with no issues. Now I cant have the add open for any significant amount of time without it switching to the App Store advertising some app. Its become useless.

This app will kill someone and apple needs to remove

This app will kill someone and apple needs to remove


Pop up ads make this app completely useless and dangerous

Would love... but...

This app would be wonderful, but with intrusive ads every few seconds, the app is unusable.

Not Worth The Bother!

With the ads constantly popping up, it makes this app all but useless. Its not enough to have the ads on the bottom of the screen, they have to take over the entire screen as well!

Ads might cause accident

If you driving at 60 mph then the add come up then you have to switch back. How in the world you can look up add while you are driving. I mean isnt this crazy??

Dont get it way too many ads

They pop up constantly-cant drive and use it unsafe

Used to be a great app

This used to be a great app to track my speed. I cant use it anymore though, because it keeps glitching and going to the App Store while Im driving. I cant be messing around with my phone and trying to navigate city streets. Waze offers a speedometer in the lower left hand corner of the map screen. That is what I use now and it even tells me the speed limit for every street Im driving on. I have uninstalled this app after using it for a year and a half.


I used to really like this app but I had to delete it and get a new one. I rely on this app to let me know how fast Im going while driving but constantly having ads pop up in the App Store has become dangerous and I dont want to put myself or anyone else in danger. Idk why they decided to make the ads pop up that way but its not only dangerous but super annoying!

Used to be good

Now ads pop up and take cover the whole screen. Im not going to click my phone every couple of minutes to close the ads while Im driving.

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