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Gets the job done

Would like to see the location services use only while in app instead of on all the time.

Used to be good/Not now.

I had this for a few years and it was good. I didnt mind the adds at the bottom of the screen. Now the app is unusable because it keeps taking you out of the app and directing you to the App Store. You close it and go back and it will take you right back to App Store. Someone got too greedy and now the app just cant be used anymore.

Broken in iOS 10.1

This app worked great (I have the paid version) until iOS 10.1, now does not work at all. Please update to 64 bit! Thank you

Tracks your location ALL THE TIME, even when closed

The only location options they give are never and always. I forgot to turn it back off once. A few days later my phone popped up a notification to let me know specifically that this app had been using my location in the background, despite having been closed, and the phone even rebooted since. If you cant think of a good reason for this app to track you 24/7, like I couldnt, let them know its a privacy violation, rate it, and delete. What a shame. I just needed a speedometer quick, as mine quit working and I didnt want a ticket. I wonder who has been looking at my location and why now. :(

Great compact app for speed determination

I love this ap for its simplicity. It simply works.

Uses GPS even when not running!

The app works as promised, just turn off data, ie airplane mode to skip adds. My main complaint is it uses location services in the background even when the app is not running? What is it doing with that data? Is this spyware tracking my location all the time? Drains battery too.

Almost got in a car crash

This app is very accurate with speed, my cars speedometer doesnt work so I have to use this. Ive almost gotten into so many accidents because ads will automatically take you to the App Store without you even touching the screen. So I have to reach in and close it out, but IMMEDIATELY and I mean within a split second itll do it again, rendering it entirely useless and massively dangerous. I highly recommend you DO NOT download this. I would rather attempt to judge my speed by my gear and RPMs than further put myself in danger with this app.

Stop with the ads

This app is great when it is On the speedometer. But what seems like every 30 secs it switches over to the app store to some dumb game. Then you have to turn app off and back on. It is very frustrating and dangerous while driving. I suggest trying a different app first.


Just what I need. An ad popping up, taking me to a different page every two seconds when Im trying to drive!

Nice design bad ads

The design is great but you only see if for a few seconds before you get switched to the App Store to buy something else.

Get this if you want ads not your speed.

Maybe its a bug, but this app reopens app store links over and over, switching away from the gps speed every couple seconds. Terrible. Completely useless on my iPhone 7+ - Avoid.

Annoying AF

All this crap app does it take you to the App Store. Its a f-ing annoying piece of trash, I dont understand why all these high ratings are given.

Pop up ads dangerous

Ads pop up anytime spend more time trying to get speedometer back up and while driving dangerous, I Do not recommend.

Perfect except the App Store redirects

This app is perfect, simple and does exactly what its supposed to do...When its not auto-opening the App Store. Let us know when its fixed. For now Im deleting it.


Ad ad ad ad ad , redirect to App Store to buy crap every 10 seconds

Horrible App!!!

Shortly after downloading the app advertisements began popping up. I understand that advertisements come with a free app but it became so bad that as soon as you would close out of one advertisement another one was replacing it. There were so many advertisements that would pop up it literally left the app useless!

Was great, now unsafe

I used to use this quite a bit for vehicles with no speedo (golf cart, backhoe, project car). Last few times the ads open on their own and render it unusable. It happens constantly. This is a fatal bug. A couple times and you give up. Moving on to another app.

Pos!!! Not a good app!!!

Cant even watch the app for directing you to the App Store every 2-3 seconds!!!!!!! DONT DO IT!!!


Im getting bounced to the App Store for other apps so fast I cant even catch a glimpse of my speed

Not usable with ads

You cant use this with the current ad setup. Just launches app after app like a pop up in a web browser.

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